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Capture One (Pro): bulk starting point


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Hi there,

Sorry If this a bit misplaced in the forum but I’d really liked to throw this question to (sony) users rather than any pre-sales support.
I've just tested Capture One for few minutes and wondering if I'm wasting time. Initially it feels to fail on the same criteria as Darktable and Corel's Aftershot Pro (sadly these are the only linux alternatives).

I hope I'm wrong.. but I can’t actually find any tutorial or any relevant information online on bulk editing images with Capture One. (Just exporting).

Anyway in LR I really like the “Auto tuning” possibilities. What I mean is that before even digging into invidual images the software can adjust the exposure, lens correction and even having LR to guess the white balance in just very few steps I can get everything to more neutral state. It's not instant but I can enjoy a cup of coffee in between so It's not a problem.


I'm not afraid to leave my finger on the shutter just to get the right moment, so therefor the amount of files tend to pile up.


A template or not doesn't matter as long as it's an easy workflow without lots of manual steps. Corel's Aftershot is a terrible example of static templates how the software is non-aware of the content, templates would be only usable if all images are the same cause it really just applies static settings, which is just tragic.



Any can Capture One Pro do this?
Thanks in advance for any input.

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