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(HELP!) Meyer Optik 135mm 2.8 M42/ EXA Mount adapter on sony a7 series


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I recently purchased this lens Meyer Optik 135mm 2.8 claimed to be in M42 mount. So I purchased a m42 convertor from K&F concept on amazon. However, it seems I cannot make it fit. Can anyone tell me the correct adapter to use?

I was able to remove some rings also. Attached are the pictures of the mount.


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That's a bayonet, so definitely not a m42 screw mount.


According to this page:




it has either an Exacta mount:


Selens Exakta EXA lens to Sony NEX E mount adapter NEX-5T 7 6 A5100 A7 A7R A6000


or a Praktina one:


For Praktica PB Lens to Sony NEX-3 NEX-5 Lens Mount Adapter Ring high precision


Judging from the pictures and from this other page:




my guess would be an Exakta mount. 

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