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28-70:2.8 Tokina ATX A-Mount on A7-MkII


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Since I got an LA-EA3 I'm all buzzed about auto-iris.

It's like it's the early 1960s and I just got a then-new

camera ! Auto-iris ... Whoooo-hoot ! I still use my old

Nikkors on a Metabones non-coupled adapter where  

I don't need auto-iris, but the automatic is such a kick. 


Here's the hardware:  


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Here's a shot at the near limit. Unfortunately, the

tiny file size allowed here is especially destructive

to this shot ... so I added a crop section at maybe

barely enuf improved rezo for getting the "feel" of

the subject and lighting. 


Crop Section:






The whole view  ... you'll just hafta  imagine the proper

texture. If you view this closely, it will fall apart before

you ever see the texture thaz shown in the crop above :-(




Sooo ... why did I even bother to post a pic thaz almost

toadally fuggdup by the file size limit ? Well, cuz it's the

type of shot that overcomes my reluctance to use zoom

lenses. It's window light and constantly moving. Trying

to keep the shot together while chasing it with a tripod

is just too frustrating.

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Here are examples of why I unmothballed this lens.

This scene is about 2 miles from home, but I hafta

do almost the same thing for hire, in Manhattan, so

this is a great dry run. Same horrible lighting, too !

IIRC this is about ISO 8000 f/3.5 @1/60.


One unanticipated, intangible, very important, not  

to be ignored discovery of this dry run concerns

the ergonomics of this lens. It feels comfortable

and well balanced, smooth and easy to operate ...

BUT ! Being an AF lens that I'm using only in MF,

the focus ring has so little resistance that about 70

to 80% of the test shots were focused somewhat

beyond the intended subject :-( It seems no matter

how carefully I focus, as I remove my finger from

the focus ring I tend to shift the ring just a tiny bit,

toward more distant focus. Important thing to have

become aware of, since I'm so accustomed to my

trustworthy well-behaved ancient Nikkors ! 


So here's a couple examples of how looks when

I don't fuggup the focus:


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It's not fully wide open, but it still helps direct the

eye to the chosen player even tho they are not at

grossly different distances. And the background is

still providing recognizable context without being

a major distraction. I love that. Now all I gotta do

is practice letting go of the focus ring without my

nudging it toward more distant focus ....

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