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Shootout - Rokkor MD 24mm f2.8 vs. Sony Zeiss 16-35mm on Sony A7S II


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In what way (so that maybe I can make better posts in the future)?


Lasse !

Sometimes, you have to ignore certain posts.

You did ok ! 

In future, look at  when the member joined, and how many posts they  have.  In this case, a  Newbie, made a statement !  However, he had no explanation  !

Dont Worry ! Be Happy !     Just like  IamJF

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Just recently used the Minolta 24mm again - and I spontanious liked the

output, it's somehow "charming". I use the Seiss way more (documenting

stuff), but this little Minolta stands for it's own.


Having recently acquired the necessary adapter, I de-mothballed

my Maxxum lenses and immediately rekindled love for the 24/2.8. 


I remember that the SRT-mount Minolta 24/2.8 rotates a forward

section of the glass when focusing. The Maxxum version uses IF.  




So, while it might not be exactly the same optic, it's the very next

version of a 24/2.8 ... IOW prolly has a very similar rendering. It's

not an Otis or other "miracle lens", but it's verrry "friendly" ! Or, in

your own words, "it's somehow charming". Form factor-wise, it's

also, dare I say, "cute". The IF eliminates the need for concentric

inner and outer threaded barrels for focusing motion, allowing the

Maxxum version to be strikingly compact.

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