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New to the Forum and Sony System

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Hello Everyone.


I’m a photographer (hobbyist) living in Virginia, US. I started showing interest in photography around 2 years back, started shooting with Canon T3I with Kit lenses. I was more attracted towards Nature and Landscape photography. In the past couple of years all my photograph were shot with the kit lens and last year i got couple of L lenses 17-40 and 100mmL. For a long time i was planning to go for a full frame and 6D was in my wish list, accidentally i came to know about Sony Alpha series, started looking into that alpha series cameras.  Finally after saving some money got the A7RII and bats 25mm. So i’m shooting with this camera for the past couple of weeks. I don’t have much exposure to other full frames may be couple of days used 6D from my friend, other than that i did not have any experience with full frame. Now with this Sony A7RII, i would say that i fall in love with this camera, especially the image quality what i get and the shadow details what i can recover for processing. I like the shooting experience too with all customization possible in this camera. One another reason i moved to Sony was to use the Zeiss lenses and lucky basis was announced.  Somehow thought 25mm would be ideal for the landscape work, batis did not disappoint me until now.  This combination is great for landscape work. At this time this is the only lens i have for Sony A7RII, may be i will try to get metabones adapter to keep my other L lenses until i save money for G Master or other Batis lenses.


I use lightroom 4 to process my photos. I don’t have photoshop, after getting this sony was not able to use lightroom 4.  I’m using Capture one Pro/Adobe cc trial version for now, so need to upgrade to any one of these.


I can say that sony alpha rumors was one of the site where i visited daily after i came to know about the alpha series (followed all the rurmors started form sony a7rii) and like to continue over here on the forums. Seems like this group is great and friendly and thought of sharing my photos and get feedback from the group, also would like to contribute here in any ways to this forum.


I don’t have any personal website yet, here is my Facebook link for my photos.




Thanks and wishing all the photographers here for great success in future endeavors.




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