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I am looking to buy a new camera and am torn between the A7r2 or the A7s2. I am a videographer by trade and work for a company that has a lot of kit already and I am also a very keen photographer. My old 5Dmrk2 and 24-105 lens has broke and i have some money form the insurance company to replace it. I am extremely keen to get one of the sony series as i a have been amazed by what they are achieving. I also love the size of them and as i work on a sony fs7 a lot i want to stream flow my cameras. 


My problem is do i buy a A7s2 which i now will be better for filming but not as good for photographs, or an A7r2 which is amazing for photos but not as good for video. I would prefer to buy the A7r2 as i want a good camera for my personal stills. Has any one used the A7r2 for much video and could any one recommend one over the other for what i want? i would say that i will use the camera 50/50 for stills and video.  


Many thanks



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What "kit" does the company have. Particularly which brand?


Jeff Berlin made a feature length movie using the a7Rii and Leica Summicron C lenses using a Wooden Camera PL to Sony E mount adapter. Shot in 4K. To be released at the Dallas Film Festival.

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