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Marc Contaxtonikon

Techart Pro Adapter

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I have been following the launch of this potentially very interesting product https://www.facebook.com/techartadapter/ and even had some (albeit frustrating) contacts to support them in market introduction in Germany.


The concept is almost as ingenious as the AF functionality in the CONTAX AX - I just love it...


As I am planning a trip to New York, I checked, if it is available at http://www.adorama.com/ or at http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ as originally announced - both no longer offer the product.

This and the fact that I have no clue, where I could test the product in Germany any other way than just ordering it direct from China without any assurance what happens if I don't like the performance of the adapter doesn't give me a good feeling.

Any feedback from users who have already obtained the adapter? Ideally I would look for feedback from someone who has used it with CY Zeiss lenses

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I have the version for the Contax G lenses, got it from Roxsen in China (very friendly seller, but not the manufacturer).


Initially, my experience on the A7R was quite frustrating: it hunted and didn't meet the focus at all. Manual focusing via it's motor was fine, though.


I tried to update it as described here: http://www.deoinfinity.com (their new website), but the adapter wasn't even recognized by either an A7R nor an A7R II. Finally, before getting so frustrated to just send it back, I tried with a friend's A7S. It's bluetooth was seen immediately by my iPhone and the firmware update went smooth. 


Now it works perfectly fine on both an A7R II and an A6300 (I don't have the A7R any more). Focusing is as fast as it ever was on the original camera, maybe even faster, and it's dead on without any adjustment. I use both a 90mm and a 45mm lens with it and I really like it!

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............... Focusing is as fast as it ever was on the original camera,

maybe even faster, and it's dead on without any adjustment. I use

both a 90mm and a 45mm lens with it and I really like it!  


it's dead on without any adjustment


It's on a live view camera body, so "AF Micro Adjust" doesn't apply.


Is there some other adjustability, such as infinity position, designed  

the adapter ? I know SpeedBoosters are adjustable to relocate the 

infinity position ....

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No, and I don't think it's needed, since there's no optical element in the adapter. After all, the original camera just focused in the same manner.


I can focus to infinity without any problem.


I think the option for adjusting it (by the help of those high "f-stop" numbers) was just a workaround for older software or other cameras. When I found that current firmware works perfectly fine on the A7R II (I compared manual and AF from a tripod with a resolution chart) I didn't even touch those adjustments.

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