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Image numbering ideas

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I just went past image number 9999 and the A7 ii automatically went back to 00001.  I have always found it helpful in Lightroom to keep the original image number with a custom prefix for the type camera...in this case A7.  The Lightroom keeps them organized by shoot date.


Is this the best way to track images?  I use lots of keywords in Lightroom to help with locating photos.  I just don't want to have several images with the same name.


Thoughts from the forum.

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You could prefix with A70, then A71 etc. I sort everything by date using "smart" folders, so the name of the file is not relevant to me.

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I'm reviving this old topic, maybe I should have started a new topic but it's related. My a6500 rolled around from DSC09999 to DSC00001. You'd think that since it's a five-digit number, it would advance to DSC10000. Nope. And you can't customize more than the first three characters of the file name. So what's the point of that extra zero? I know it gets eaten up when you use Adobe RGB and the underscore gets added, but still -- seems like a dumb character to stick in there and I'd really like that to advance to 10000. Any way to co-opt this digit, or is it forever either underscore or zero?

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