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Aericam Camera Shield for A7ii, A7Rii and A7Sii

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I just got this in the mail, so I thought I would take photos and show it to you in more detail than what I could see on the ebay store...


In the box:



Inside the box, just the latex skin and nothing else:



The bottom detaches from the top





After removing the Sony strap... Inserting the camera is easy, but notice that latex still covers the wheel under the shutter button. Should be an easy fix with an xacto.




The bottom is also easy to put back on. It could use additional rubber button/holes on the left and right extremities...




The top flap has a hotshoe insert




Installation complete. Photos of the holes and button access:









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if you have to remove the shield to get at the battery and memory card...that would make it not worth the bother for me...I have heavily used my a7rii and it remains free of any signs of use; quality exterior on the camera already.

Look like card slot is not. Bottom shield is it's own piece.

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