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Fotodiox Canon EF Adapter causes A7ii crash


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I just purchased the Fotodiox Pro Auto Lens Adapter for Canon EF for use on my Sony A7ii with a Canon 70-300mm lens. 


However, I have had a major issue where the camera appears to crash (screen turns black, no photo is taken, nothing happens) this occurs ~25% of the time when taking a photo using the adapter. The workaround is to turn the camera off, then on. After a reboot it works. This is very frustrating. But I am not sure if that is just an issue with all adapters, this brand, or an issue just with this specific unit. 


I have never seen this issue when using a native Sony lens. 


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I just posted a thread about Fotodiox and the lens flare issues I'm experiencing.  My guess is it's the adapter.  There is an old saying, "Those who buy cheap, buy twice".  I ordered a Metabones adapter and will be trying that.  If the flares disappear my Fotodiox will be returned.  If I was in your shoes, 25% of the time is way too often for that to be acceptable.  Start researching other options.  Just my .02.

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I use almost exclusively legacy lenses.

I've owned them since they were waaay

too young to be "legacy". All I wanted

from the world of digital photo gear was

some sort of "digital film back" to serve

as replacement for obsolete film bodies.


So, for me, it's all about adapters. My

MetaBones has never once freaked out

my cameras ... which are five different

Sony models in two formats.


It pays to buy decent stuff. Notice I did

NOT say "Buy the BEST". MetaBones

is less than half the price of Novoflex.

OTOH, MetaBones is quadruple the

price of Fotasy. I tried a Fotasy. Infinity

focus was perfect, but the rear flange

was quite inferior. The front flange was

quite good but lens latch was inferior.


Also MetaBones has a tripod base but

the Fotasy did not. IOW MetaBones is

"decent stuff" not necessarily "the best".

Quality rear flange, a trustworthy latch,

plus a tripod base .... all three for $75

over the Fotasy ? Verrrry decent stuff.


OTOH, I cannot see what justifies the

leap in price for Novoflex. I do have a

Novoflex focus rail. It's of rather good

quality but nothing above and beyond

the others. I bought it used/cheap :-)

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