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Hello people of the Sony Alpha Forum


I recently added some pictures of mine to the weekly SAR topics.

This so I can get some improving feedback due to the fact that I'm not a professional photographer and never done any course.


The first camera I used was a Sony A300 with kitlens and was about 9 years ago.

After several months and due to the fact that I work at Brussels Airport, I wanted to take pictures of approaching and taking off aircraft. So I decided to buy a midrange zoom 18-250 Sony lens.


After this of about a year I started to get bored with just taking aircrafts.

I enjoyed my time of walking and taking pictures of my dog, so I decided to get a level higher and purchased a new body: SLT A65 and 70-400mm.


After several years of self study and enjoying my time of taking pictures I know want something more.

More feedback of other persons, then my family.


Now I am proud to be a owner of a Full Frame Sony A99.

This I bought second hand, because I found that the prices for the A7 series are too high for just amateurs.


Below you will find a link to my Flickr-account. If there are people of the forum, with whom I don't have a friend status, please I invite me.


I look forward to see a lot of interesting pictures to get some inspiration and to enjoy watching beautiful pictures.




Thank you.


Christiaen Mous.



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