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Temple in Kyoto


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Greeting from Hong Kong.  I am new here.  

They are  taken last Sept 2015 for a trip to Kyoto with Sony A7 with adapter to use canon new FD20-35mm L zoom lenses or Sony FE28-70mm kit lenses.


Comments are more than welcome.  Thanks.




23717153639_9dbd0a2168_k.jpgDSC04665 crop by Alder Wong, on Flickr


23457144763_39cd839de2_k.jpgDSC04730 by Alder Wong, on Flickr



23975740262_e791159a52_k.jpgDSC05158 by Alder Wong, on Flickr



24001754671_69629cb2d1_k.jpgDSC05099 by Alder Wong, on Flickr



24001252271_bd2525803b_k.jpgDSC04701 by Alder Wong, on Flickr

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