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Expecting Too Much With Wides?


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I'm a new A7 owner who picked up a camera to use with Nikon and Leica lenses. I have the 28-70 kit lens and will probably use it from time to time.

I just bought a Commlite AF-G to Sony adapter and have been testing several lenses. What I'm noticing is that all of the wides; from the Nikon 16-35mm f4 to the 20mm F2.8 and 24mm f2.8, have acceptable center resolution but some pretty severe fall off on the edges. I use Lightroom CC and enabled the proper lens correction (using ARW files) and it had little effect on the fall off. Just for fun, I also tested the 35mm f2 and the fall off was minimal. This isn't a deal breaker by any means but I'd appreciate any comments from people who have had similar experiences.


By the way, I'm also an RX1 owner which is why I wound up with the A7. My usual kit is Fuji XT1 cameras and lenses but I wanted a full frame camera that I could use some old glass with. Of course, now I'm looking for a Loxia 50mm and a 25mm Batis...




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My situation is similar. I got a FF mainly to eliminate

the focal reducer from my optical chain as this was a

necessity with APSC. Same as you, I found the 35/2.0

to be remarkable. But I have no complaint with all my

other [several] wide angles. Maybe thaz cuz I'm more

content oriented about image-craft than the IQ geeks

that populate most forums.


Also same as you, my FF outfit resurrects all my old

FF lenses, yet my APSC kit is still my go-to kit.


Now .... UNlike yourself, I would never consider new

FF lenses, not even a new adapter to expand beyond

Nikon-F mount. There's wonderful Rokkors and FL/FD

Canon lenses out there selling for pocket lint, but I have

all these Nikkors hanging around. But NEW expensive

lenses such as Batis, etc, etc ? To me, that defeats the

whole rationale of buying the a7mkII which added IBIS

to my pile of Nikkors that were previously in use on my

APSC via focal reducer. I can't imagine adding to the

optical kit. Someday I'll see IBIS in APSC, and some

camera body offering incredibly low noise at incredibly

high ISO. Either or both of those two advances would

open my wallet.

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Thanks for the reply. I think you have a very good point. My original plan was to use the Sony for the adapted lenses and I think that's the best way forward. For my Fuji kit I have nearly all of the Fuji lenses as well as all three of the Zeiss pieces. I have 6 different adapters for the Fuji cameras but don't use them because I really don't care for the sensor size/focal length issue. I buy and sell used photo equipment as a hobby (I was a camera dealer for 36 years prior to retirement) so I see large quantities of used and cheap prime 35mm lenses. I enjoy experimenting with them. I think my best plan is to buy some adapters and go take some pictures.

Thanks again,


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