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Canon FD lenses images

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nFD 85/1.8

DSC00209 by Jeroen, on Flickr


nFD 20-35 f/3.5L

DSC00320 by Jeroen, on Flickr


nFD 14mm f/2.8L

Parking by Jeroen, on Flickr

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    • By omrhsn
      My latest project -  low key macro/ close-up flower photography. These were shot using Sony A7ii and Canon FD 50mm f3.5 macro, a single flash (in softbox). Shot at f18 - f22 to get the dark background. Processed in PS and Alien Skin Exposure X3. 

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    • By omrhsn
      Sony A7ii + Canon FD 50mm f3.5 macro @ f5.6
    • By EddN
      Shortly after getting the Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 L lens to use on the Sony A7 (Fotodiox adapter I think) I decided to take it to the park to see what wildlife I could get. I found some very cooperative squirrels. Unfortunately they were so friendly that they were often too close for the lens to focus (90cm minimum focus distance). This is an un-cropped image.

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    • By FDP
      I have now tried two copies of Metabones' Canon FD-Sony E Adapter (Part# MB_FD-E-BM1) on my Sony cameras. This adapter fits comfortably on the Sony a6000 body, however on the A7Rii it does not properly fit and to my horror it appeared to scratch the front surface of the lens mount. I have several other Metabones adapters for Sony E (Nikon F, C/Y) that do not have this issue, and generally I find the quality of the Metabones adapters to be better than competing brands - certainly better than the lower end brands, but also better than the Novaflex adapters that cost ~2x as much. This issue brings up two questions:
      I wonder if the tolerance on the old Sony E mount is looser than on the updated mk ii lineup (A7II, A7RII, A7SII, a6300). I know that Sony improved the rigidity of the mount in the update, I wonder if anyone else has noticed a commensurate tightening of tolerances (meaning other old adapters may also now fall out of spec).  Has anyone else had issues with the Metabones Canon FD adapter on the mk ii full frame E-mount bodies? As many FD lenses are of low quality I would imagine that these adapters get mostly purchased for the less expensive bodies, but as there are some excellent FD mount lenses available I am hoping that somebody else has tried one of these on an A7Rii. The issue I experienced was unacceptable and I would caution other users to try Metabones adapters in-store before trying to use them on their own kit. 
    • By pdrphoto
      Here my first video shot with A7RII and A6000.
      A7RII on S-LOG2 profile and A6000 on DRO level 5 profile.
      Editing in FCPX 
      Shot with Sony and vintage Canon lens.
      Special guest MIR 1 (37 f 2.8)

      Director Pierluigi De Rubertis
      With Ilaria Fratoni
      Shooting Pierluigi De Rubertis e Chiara Caraffa
      Editing Chiara Caraffa e Pierluigi De Rubertis
      Lettering Sara Migneco
      an #Artinvaders production
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