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I just purchased a Sony A7 II.  I have not been able to magnify or zoom in on an image seen through my view finder before taking a photo.  I could magnify an image after the photo was taken, but not before taking the picture.  I wanted to get a more detailed view of the image as I was composing my photo shot.  I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me through this situation.

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IIRC, there an "MF-Assist" "Off" and "Enable" choice

in the menu system. You can use those keywords to

search the PDF version of the manual.


Read well. You're enabled to assign it to the button

of your choosing. On my own set up, I hit the bottom

edge of the back-side control wheel to start the MF

focus aid system, and then use the center button [in

same wheel] to toggle thru the magnification range.


The "C1" and "C2" buttons near the shutter release

are also handy instead of the rear wheel. There are

many other ergonomic options. IMNSHO location of

MF focus aid controls is mainly dependent on where

you locate your Back-Button-AF. If you don't need

BBAF, that just increases your options for where to

assign your MF focus aid [magnification] controls.


Learn all about custom user assignments for controls

and you will have a far more ergonomic experience

every time you use your camera. IOW, Sony didn't

do any serious research about where best to locate

various controls for the "default user". They rightfully

figure that the default user has never been born, and

provided an exceptional array of user-customizable

controls ... but you gotta read the details first.

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