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Hello from Cincinnati - Bought A7 for travel and landscape


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Hi All,  My passion is on and off-road motorcycle travel.  I've carried a RX100 for the last three years and been pleased w/ the results from such a small camera.  I know however that some of these are one time trips, so I figure bring back the best pics possible given size/weight/$ constraints.  I carried the A7 on three trips in 2015 and it has worked out just as I hoped, delivering effortless, high quality results.  I'm blown away with the CY Zeiss primes I bought initially but realized I need a zoom/autofocus for the run and gun of travel.  The FE 24-70 has been a perfectly good compromise for me.  I record and share my travels on the Adventure Rider forum.  I'm posting pics on SAR in the "travel and landscape" forum as I have time.

This is our 4000 mile Nova Scotia 2015 trip:  http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/two-bobs-nova-scotia-2015-nyc-to-cape-breton-via-ferry.1112423/

This is a trip to Telluride/Silverton/San Juan Mtns in Sept:  http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/silverton-colorado-san-juan-mountains-in-pictures-september-2015.1119808/



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