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Noob to the forum and noob to photography but have settled in on Mirrorless and Sony.  I'm just trying to figure out if I should go with the 6000 or the 6300.  Seems like I could use the money saved with the 6000 and put it towards some nice lenses.  On the other hand, video is important to me and I like the 4K and the 120 FPS 1080 options on the 6300.  Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?  Thanks!

I'd be inclined to the view that if you can accept the compromises (see Nomad's post) using the A6300 as a video camera then yes, it is indeed a very good option for stills and video.

There are better cinema cameras. There are better stills cameras. But at the price and with the convenience of size etc. then it is an excellent choice. If you don't want to play with 4k, get the A6000 (I suspect that you don't really want 4k... unless you really need it then I personally would avoid it.)

For an excellent review of the A6300, pop over to eoshd.com and read Andrew Reid's piece.

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