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AUTO ISO Problem

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Please excuse me if this post is reposted a few times but I cannot seem to get my posting posted. So I keep trying :(


Anyway, my A7R II is going off AUTO ISO and into ISO 50. I noticed this as my shutter speed will suddenly become extra slow while I am shooting.


Other settings I have made include setting the minimum shutter speed to either 1/125 or 1/250. I don't like the camera to set the shutter speeds for me.


I wonder if there is a bug which triggers this problem. I usually like to change FOCUS MODE and FOCUS AREA as I shoot. For some reason, some setting is triggering the camera to go off AUTO ISO.


Does anyone have this same problem? I am running the latest firmware.

Thanks you.


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I'm glad I'm not the only one this happened to.

I watched as my Sony A7r2 switched settings from Auto ISO to ISO 50 without touching any dials.

This happened in both Manual and Aperture priority modes with different lenses.

It happens over multiple shoots, both inside and outside, with a range of metering modes, and aperture settings.

So the next person does not feel bad. It is definitely not a user error, I'm sending it in for repairs.


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