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Voigtlander 2/28 Ultron

Phillip Reeve

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Hey folks,


today I want to introduce an interesting manual alternative to the FE 2/28. The Voigtlander 2/28 with Leica M-mount.



New it is a little more expensive than the Sony and it is heavier as well. But the Voigtlander is much better built and it offers all the pleasures you would expect of a M-mount lens. Very precise focusing, great feel and a rather small size.


Optically it is a very strong performer, I think it is a little sharper than the Sony at f/2 and it is much better corrected for distortion. The only downside is that the filter stak of the a7 series induces some field curvature.


There are a few other nice aspects about it, more about them in the Voigtlander 2/28 Review



Charles Bridge by Bastian.K, on Flickr



Hoodoo by Bastian.K, on Flickr



Black Bird by Bastian.K, on Flickr



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