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Is There More Sony FF Lenses Comming Soon?

Sony Guy

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After buying a a7 recently and really looking at the very meager array of Sony lenses available, I'm a bit under-whelmed. I am amazed that Sony has put out so many "a-7" models but so few Sony (not mega-buck Zeiss) lenses to go with them. I'd really love to have something in a Sony full-frame like my SEL18200 that was so handy on my NEX 5 &7. I wonder if there's lenses such as this and maybe a reasonably priced wide angle or two coming any time soon?

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See this page for a full list: List of all Full Frame Native E-mount lenses.

Four more Sony lenses were announced last September and are likely to be in the shops within a couple of months:

24-240mm F3.5-F6.3,  35mm f1.4,  90mm F2.8 macro, 28mm F2.0 (plus 21mm wide and 16mm fisheye converters).


They also plan to announce seven more this year but I’d guess they won't be available until 2016. No native autofocus third-party models are pending.



So, for your superzoom: The new 24-240mm isn't Zeiss or G branded - exactly what you're after.

And for budget wide angle: Autofocus is typically not essential, so consider a Samyang E-mount, or with a $10 adaptor you can use pretty much any lens from any manufacturer. If you require autofocus the 10-18mm Sony is mostly usable on Full Frame otherwise you'll need to wait for the 28mm + it's converters.

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