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Snowy portraits with A7


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We recently got our first real taste of snow here in Sofia and I decided to do a torture test of my A7 and my girlfriend. Conclusion: they both don't really like snow, but they survived  :wub:  

All taken with the A7, Samyang 85mm 1.4 and Canon FD 200mm f2.8. As it was still snowing when I took these I had to resort to some plastic bags and rubber bands for the lenses. The body itself got pretty cold and wet, but in the end it performed admirably.  :)

PS: I did both color and b/w versions of these, but I really don't want to spam.




DSC02521 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr



DSC02494 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr



DSC02541 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr



DSC02487bw by Angel Angelov, on Flickr



DSC02490 by Angel Angelov, on Flickr



DSC02639bw by Angel Angelov, on Flickr

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