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First pics of Sony A7 with legacy zeiss glass


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Last week I sold my Fuji X-E2 which I loved for the colors and bought a second hand Sony A7.

Because I only shoot adapted glass I wanted to go FF for the 1 to 1 cropfactor.
I have difficulties with auto WB and less good colors out of the box than the fuji.
The raw files are very clean , but I need more work to get colors right.
Beside the color issue, the sony is top of the bill in all aspects !
I'm happy , but still learning.


here some shot from first week

C/Y Vario-Sonnar 35-70mm

24393982746_72b11a9bc4_b.jpgtired by G. Don, on Flickr

C/Y Vario-Sonnar 35-70mm

23791970224_ec0e190ef7_b.jpgPlaytime by G. Don, on Flickr

C/Y Vario-Sonnar 35-70mm

24311536982_00bcfe60e0_b.jpgSleepy by G. Don, on Flickr


M42 Zeiss Pancolar 80/1.8

24182846331_df041db207_b.jpgSony A7 + Zeiss Pancolar 80/1.8 by G. Don, on Flickr

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I shoot 99% of my stuff with an A7r and Contax glass (with a bit of Minolta thrown in when I want lower contrast), and I've experienced your same conundrum.


Since then, I nailed down the problem to 2 facts:


1) Lightroom defaults the camera profile to "Adobe standard", and IMO that profile it is just "bleah".


To solve this, change the profile experimenting with the ones that looks better to your eyes (I use "Camera Vivid" or "Camera Landscape" usually, but then again I don't shoot a lot of people).


2) the A7 series cameras have huge dynamic range. This is a good thing, but it also means that the images at first will look really flat. To correct this use the "Curves", dragging the black and the whites (the curve extremes) until you're just about to clip highlights and shadows, then back up a little bit (keep the "alt" key pressed to see a preview of the areas you're about to clip).


Once you've done this (and you can save this as a preset to apply on import, if you use a "conservative" curve and tweak that later), you can start processing your images to your taste in the usual way.


BTW, love the colors in your first picture!

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Awesome. I love shooting adapted lenses. I've been going crazy lately buying them up.

So far:

135mm Zeiss C/Y

35mm Zeiss C/Y

55mm Canon FD 1.2 ssc

Voightlander 40mm Nokton

Helios 44-2


Been thinking hard on a Leitz Summicron-R 50mm f2 but hard to find feedback on this exact model.





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Hi Asterinex, 


Beautiful shots.


Assuming you use Lightroom; Adobe Standard is definitely not the profile to use, as already stated here. But in fact I'd suggest don't use any of LR's inbuilt profiles at all


You might wish to try the X rite color checker, then you will be able create profiles specifically for your favorite lenses for example.


Failing that try downloading Piraccini's profiles for the A7 which are free and may still make a difference to your colours,


I have an A7 and also have Capture One Pro and DXO10 RAW processors, Until I bought the X rite color checker, I hardly used LR, but since I got into creating my own profiles - and calibrated my monitor (using a Spyder5) I now hardly use anything else.


Hope this helps.




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