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My thoughts on the three majors (Sony, Nikon, Canon) after CES 2016


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There has been a lot of backlash in the Sony community that our beloved camera manufacturer didn’t choose to make more of a splash at CES than they did, similar to the cards Nikon played by introducing the D5 and D500 SLR’s to the market. And while users of the A99/A77/A58 (despite rumours that they may not even bother) continue to wait for a newer version utilizing some of Sony’s newest, next-level technology, I take the stance that CES 2016 would have been the wrong time to introduce any major new piece of equipment, lenses included.




Nikon made a big splash and played their 2016 hand early at this years CES and frankly I completely understand why. See as Sony users, we must understand that Nikon right now is not in the business of trumping Sony rather they likely are comfortable with not only Sony’s marketshare and current market position, but also, their working relationship using Sony’s sensor technology. No, Nikon did not take a bite out of Sony’s momentum at CES, rather, used the show to put even more distance between themselves and Canon. The introduction of the D5 puts them well out in front of Canon in the ultra high speed and ultra high end shooting space, a market that Sony currently and for the foreseeable future, rightly or wrongly, has no foothold in. Sony’s position is at the forefront of mirrorless technology, aimed at portrait shooters, street shooters, and the bulk of the mid to high end camera purchasing market. It’s a strong and smart position to be in. Their only current competition is Nikon. As Sony shooters, we should be pleased with Nikon’s newest product announcements as it is extremely important for the growth of Sony to be pushed by its main competitors. Bravo to Nikon for releasing two great new Cameras.


However their big announcement is a niche product catering to only working professionals and hardcore hobbyists. It only shoots 4k for a couple of minutes, because this length of clip is all these people need. It’s not a design flaw, it is exactly what it needs to be. I believe that Sony is wise to avoid this market for now until their focusing technology makes yet another leap forward. The A7R II was a HUGE step for Sony in terms of…. everything, but specifically focusing. However if you’ve ever used a 1Dx or D4s then you know just how far they have to go still.




Uhhhhhhhh….. guys?


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I came from Nikon to Sony a few years ago now. It is good to see Nikon release two excellent cameras and I agree with what you write Kyle. The Sony A7RII was a stunning release and it is possibly too soon for yet another big announcement.




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'The introduction of the D5 puts them well out in front of Canon in the ultra high speed and ultra high end shooting space".....

Um, canon's four year old 1dc has almost the same specs as the new d5.

I really don't understand all the canon bashing? They brought "pro video" to the DSLRs market first, they brought "pro 4k video" to the DSLRs market first ( yes the four year old 12fps, 4K video 1DC) not to mention having ISO 51,000 four years ago. I know, The 1dc doesn't have non native iOS 3,000,000. Which would be usable for sure for prints on toilet paper.


How are they behind? Is it because they are not four years ahead anymore? Their new cameras are coming out now to replace the 4yr old ones, how far ahead will they be this time?


Comments I read on this forum are making it hard for me to enjoy my a7rii.....I'm afraid of becoming a Branded fanboy and completely blind to reality.

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