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Hello From the Valley of Virgina


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Hello and I am glad to have found you. I have been a nikon shooter since the very early 70s and have a full range of lens and bodies.  The new D5 came out and for the first time I put myself on the list to get it but will have to decide if I really want it or if I want a A7Rii and start to build that kit up.  I doubt I will sell the Nikon stuff in the beginning but who knows. I just recently got a a6000 with the two kit lens.  It is odd using kit lens again and I am used to fast glass but I wanted to get the feel for the mirror less. I am right now leaning toward a two kit system depending, a MF for the studio and the Sony for everything else. I rarely shoot sports but shoot much more in the dance and portraits and landscape.  I live in a very pretty place and will be moving to a prettier place with a pond and 40 acres soon.  


I am sure I will have questions on adapting the Nikon lens and or making the jump.  


Here is a shot I took with my sony a6000 this morning as the fog and the rain and the mist was parting. I look at this every day as I sit in my office or walk out the front door.


23666198594_a0361b070f_z.jpgGeneral Shots-20160110_DSC2664.jpg by tinstafl, on Flickr

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