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Leica Summicron-M 50/2

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I found a used Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2, type 4 (with the focus tab). It was in so-so shape, mechanically ok but with the aperture ring a bit loose and with a few small friction scratches on the rear element. It was also dusty inside, showing maybe traces of fungus. I took my chance and had it CLA'd and it turned out to be pretty good. Finally it wasn't fungus, just weird dust. The rear element scratches don't seem to affect the pictures.


I am using it on my A7II with my Voigtlander close focus M adapter. I don't really like the focus tab handling, it feels awkward, maybe it's a question of getting used to.


There is some vignetting wide open, easily correctable in post. No color shift in the corners.


Here's a picture I took today, I think the 3d pop is rather stunning, and it is razor sharp, wide open. 


24244748265_8cc4e19d65_k.jpgmile-end-anarchy by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr


I'll post more picts shortly.





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Which focus tab do you have, convex? I so you can ask for a concave one if you prefer it.


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The focus tab is wonderful on the Lucia lens and once you realise that straight down with the tab the lens is focuses at 1.2 metres half way to infinity is about 3 metres and as far is it can go to the right is infinity it becomes easy to focus the lens by feel. This is how all the street photographers do zone focusing and is little talked about because it is so simple but once you learn this you will not be able to go back to a lens with the tab for manual focusing.

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