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Teaser From Fire and Ice Session


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I had the pleasure of doing a second studio session with Erin Brady, Miss USA 2013.  For beauty and make-up shots, I usually use a Hasselblad as my go to camera.  I just love the large format sensor and the color, tonal gradation and wonderful skin tones that is so characteristic of the older Hasselblad CCD cameras.  However, for this session, I decided to leave my comfort zone for the day and used a Sony A7r2 as the camera. It was mounted with a Sony/Zeiss 135mm F1.8 ZA lens (via an A mount adapter) and deep into the session I switched over to the Zeiss Batis 85mm lens to test it's performance as well.  For headshots, I'm still a long lens guy - my preference is 135mm, 150mm or a 200mm focal length depending on the camera body and the shape of the model's face. Thus, this shot was taken with the 135mm F1.8 but once my shot list was accomplished, I gave the 85mm a whirl and I must admit that I was quite surprised just how nicely the 85mm performed in this situation.

For more information including the complete lighting configuration for the session, visit http://www.stillsandvideo.com/squarespace/


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