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Sony's new 101 Megapixel sensor creates 300MP+ file size images!


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You can download the test images here:



It's amazing how big and superb those images are!

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The required results of the Phase One XF 100 MP are certainly impressive. Just as the price!

I only hope that Sony uses its apparently limited capacity makes sense and is not building a medium format camera.

As a serious (amateur) photographer I have very different needs than a new Sony camera for 20,000, - or 50,000, - €.
I (and not only me) have been waiting for the Minolta's acquisition of Sony longingly at a 2.8 / 200 mm with SSM. That there are so far neither with A- nor with E-mount. I was considering seriously to adapt a corresponding lens of Canon via Metabones. The list of the missing FE lenses is still very, very long!

What's with a shutter speed of 1 / 32,000 sec in the Sony cameras? Must I buy a SAMSUNG why?
What is a switchable ND filters (about APP?). The SONY which also may have indeed proved with the RX10 II.
What about a new and better energy solution? I think it is high time for SONY! What´s your opinion?

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My opinion is that none of that matters.


Many fine systems eschew huge variety

and/or extreme specs within their optics

offerings. The "Nikon F" mentality is not

the only measure of what make a useful

system. More-bigger-more-faster-more is

the marketing mantra of Canon and Nikon.

You are free to be their customer. Buy

what suits your needs or your fantasies.


Or .... buy an adapter ;-)




In my opinion [which you solicited] the

Sonys fill the gap left by the demise of

the Pen-F system, and other, less well

known, less elaborate, compact systems.

The Alpha system is not, by observation,

intended to be another Nikon or Canon

type of mega system. Not even half way.











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According to Phase One....Sony "Assisted" with their CMOS sensor.  I believe they make their own sensors.   Im sure sony would have made a back lit version if it were truly theirs.  Anyway, as for the constant debate of mirrorless vs dslr, i can personaly attest that having aquired the a7rii (for the second time) i realize it nicely fills the gaps between my dslr and point and shoot.  Slightly uncomfortable for my big hands, however perfect when i want quality on the go...

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