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Anyone using the Tamron 35 SP 1.8 on A7ii ?


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I've been looking to get a 35mm for a while now...I was a Canon 6D owner prior to moving across to Sony. I have my A7ii setup with a Metabones 4 adapter and have a range of Contax (28 2.8, 50 1.4, 85 2.8 & 135 2.8) and Canon EF lenses (24 IS, 50 STM, 100L and 200Lii). I don't own any Sony FE native glass, so the adapter hasn't come off the body since day one. All my lenses share the Canon mount, so the recent update to the firmware v2 along with the Metabones V0.47 was a breath of fresh air being able to use AF or MF. Back to the 35 query...I just read a few reviews on the newish Tamron SP 35 lens and it sounds good, very good


eg http://dustinabbott.net/2015/10/tamron-sp-35mm-f1-8-di-vc-usd-review/.


I was looking hard at the Canon 35 f2 IS since the A7ii now supports PDAF, so my EF lenses now work a treat, nearly as well as on the 6D that I moved from. My philosophy is simple, for a lens like this I would be looking at the Canon mount option. The Tamron also sounds like it will also do fine using MF with a 180 degree focus throw. Apparently the Canon mount option has the Tamron IS equivalent (VC), which can be switched off to allow the IBIS to do the job. Anyone using this lens on their A7xx that could shed light on their experience? Many thanks in advance.

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