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LA-E2 for Full Frame [not LA-E4]


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The APSC adapter, LA-E2, comes really close

to doing the job of an LA-E4 .... so if you have

one hanging around, a left-over of your switch

to full frame, if you haven't tried using it, you

should check it out.


Of my collection of Maxxum lenses, results vary

as to how much image is lost at the margins, but

it's far less than I had expected before giving it

a try. Of about about a dozen lenses, most are

in the 1.125X crop factor catagory. Just a few

have a 1.2X crop factor. Not too shabby !


HERE'S the COOOL part ....

No math or measurements needed to know the

crop factor. Instead of the APSC crop feature

[which I disabled], I use the Clear Image digital

zoom to eliminate the dark corners. I just read

the crop factor right from the digital zoom scale.


The scale only reads in whole tenths, 1.1X, 1.2X

etc but there are 3 possible "1.1X" positions and

2 possible "1.2X" positions. The EXIF data tells

the exact crop, so thaz how I know that many of

my lenses only need 1.125X. EXIF reads to the

3rd decimal place :-)



The digital zoom does not reduce the pixel count.

Images are still 4000x6000 pixels. Digital zoom

extrapolates and replaces the "lost" pixels. The

resolution is not what you'd get from 24MP. It's

what you get from about 19 to 20MP. But at least

the pixelation of large prints isn't any worse than

any 24MP camera .... for the A7M2, but whatever

camera you use, the effect applies proportionally.


BTW the degree of crop varies from lens to lens,

but there is no pattern to that as related to focal

length. My widest lens has the very smallest black

corners. The black corners on my 70-210 grow a

bit as it is zoomed to longer FLs.


Here's the 70-210 at 70mm, with a 1.125X digital

zoom crop:


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