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A7R II @ ISO 102,400 and link to full Xmas Gallery


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Hey folks,


So I wanted to share this image shot on the A7R II last week on Christmas Day at my family gathering. It was shot with a metabones IV adapter and a Canon 70-200 2.8IS II. The full details are ISO 102,400, F2.8 and Shutter Speed of 1/4000th. I have not processed this in anyway whatsoever other than to downsize it for posting. I have included a link to a full gallery of the images from that day on my website, where you will see this image again processed as I would any other. However here is the link to my website, and the 102,400 ISO image untouched. Unfortunately I had to save it at JPEG 7 to get it to fit the size limits of the forum. 


Full Gallery Here



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Guest Peter Kelly

Some very nice pictures and they confirm my view of the A7Rii; there is something really nice about the way it renders with even the noise being a pleasant 'salt and pepper' consistency.


It's funny, but I see all the criticisims of Sony regarding their marketing and engineering decisions, yet they seem to have been quiely going along making cameras that produce lovely images and barely a mention is made of it.

The A7S and A7Rii are completely different in approaches, but I think they both have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' which I find more appealing than any cameras I have used before.


Learn to live with their foibles and you are rewarded!

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I will be quite blunt, the camera is not without its flaws. But the issue is, none of those flaws have anything to do with image quality, rather, its just a symptom of Sony's infancy in this new paradigm showing through, and it will get better in time because they have been responsive with firmware updates and fixes, and they are learning fast. I have never ever felt such freedom to simply capture what I see, no camera has ever allowed me to let go of the worry of its potential performance. 


The thing renders noise beautifully. I found myself increasing the ISO and shutter speed while shooting these images simply to allow some of the wonderful grain to appear. I can't wait until their next body comes out, I'm completely hooked. 

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