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Legacy Lenses metadata from IBIS - feature request


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I'm using an A7II

Since legacy lenses do not transfer any data, there is no lense info in the final image.

However, when I connect the lens, I set the IBIS manually to match the focal length, so the camera gets this info.

I wonder if its possible to get this info from the IBIS, to the the final picture metadata.

This may be a nice feature.



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Maybe you can use a metadata editor like Exif Editor (Mac) to update the details?

I think similar software also exists under Windows as well, if that is your OS...


As an afterthought, checkout Sourceforge.net where you can find free Exif editing software under both Mac and Windows platforms.

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Are you sure its not there? Its possible to read _all_ metadata using Exiftool and perhaps it does exist somewhere. Worth a try if not done already.

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I mostly use adapted legacy prime lenses so just like activatedfx when I import my picts in Lightroom I tag them with the lens I used. I rarely switch lenses per "shooting event" so that's usually relatively straight forward. This solves my lens model and focal length but not the aperture and that kind of sucks and I haven't found any better way than taking notes separately if/when I want to keep track of aperture. 


Wouldn't it be possible to create a camera app which could inject exif information? I really haven't played much with camera apps so I don't really know how they can blend in the shooting flow, but it would be nice to be able to easily, without having to go through 4-5 menus & options, to be able to set aperture manually (and lens model and focal length in that respect) from a camera app which would update exif on the fly...


... and if anyone can chime in on the potential for this to work, I'd certainly be willing to take a stab at it ...



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