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A7 II Canon 300mm F4 IS L 2x extender


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On Metabones IV adapter.

5 minutes of tweaking in Lightroom and cropped to actual sensor resolution.

This was my first attempt to actually capture a good picture of the moon, and I was extremely surprised when it worked. :)

1/45 sec. , F11, ISO 50, effective 600mm focal length. Amazing how much light came through.


Might try again on my A6000 to get more detail, but I have a hunch that we´re already at the optical resolution limits of the lens.


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I shot the Full Moon on Dec 24th at around 9 pm from Marco Island, FL.  I used my Sony A7R M2 with the Tamron 150-600 mm lens and Sigma EX 2X teleconverter, mounted with Sony LAE3 adapter.  The shot was at f 13, ISO 64, 1/13 sec. and using ir remote trigger.  Processed with Lightroom and Photoshop but no fancy manipulation other than to increase contrast and Clarity.  The results were somewhat more detailed than the photo given in this topic, but that is not too surprising considering the sensor and the fact that the moon filled about 1/2 the frame (diameter).  I am new to the Forum and cannot figure how to upload the photo, so I will add a new topic to do that....

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