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    • By aviglp
      Why it takes more than 2 months to fix my Sony A7r2 ?
      I take my camera to the diller in 25.6.2017, he send it to Japn (he cant fix), and whare it is ?
      almost 3 months !
      camera that cost Thousands of dolars ...
      Customer Service ?
      Avi Gal
    • By Rupp2015
      Humbug! I wanted to get this off my chest before it gets any later today. This being the season of receiving, I had a camera body to register with Sony. I signed in, and entered my model number, date of purchase, and place of purchase. I was then taken to a marketing survey. No request was made for a serial number. Why does it matter? Well, when my a7II died during the last firmware update (and yes, I was doing it correctly) it took two days to get a warranty repair number from Sony, and three weeks to get the camera back. Part of the initial problem was having to prove purchase again, even though the camera was "registered". It just seems to me that Sony's customer service is not being improved as fast as its imaging products–and it should be. More service, less marketing, please.
      I am still having trouble trying to download "apps", from a Mac running the latest version of OS X. It has become a little easier, but even finding out about firmware updates is pretty random. Finding sony support sites is, well, confusing. Sony cameras are being marketed as if they are suitable for pros, but the accessories and support systems are pure high end consumer. Time to step uo Sony! Give us all a present: better customer support, clearer information, and work better with other imaging products. Thank you.
      Even though Sony is not my primary system, three bodies, four lenses, and other accessories gives me enough skin in the game to gripe about this. 
    • By DenWHO
      My wife and I are landscape pro's and, after testing A7R2's, decided to invest in the Sony line-up. We bought two bodies and a bunch of lenses in late October. The bodies came with the "offer" of a free 1 year extended warranty which was activated by going to the SONY website and inputting a code provided on a scratch card with the cameras.
      PROBLEM 1: The website didn't show the A7R2 in the appropriate page therefore nowhere to insert the scratch card number.
      The SONY agent wasn't interested and suggested I rang SONY Customer Support on 30th October!
      PROBLEM 2: Wait approximately 10 minutes for someone to pick up! Is this a function of the number of problems they are dealing with and/or the lack of investment in people?
      I was asked to provide the serial numbers of the cameras and, via a follow-up email, a copy of the invoice and the warranty cards. Once received SONY would activate the extended warranty and confirm via email. I responded immediately, confirming  the serial numbers and providing the copy invoice; unfortunately, the warranty card had already gone into the bin with all the other bumph.
      PROBLEM 3: No response from SONY! Sent subsequent email without effect.
      16th November, I rang SONY Customer Service to establish what was happening.
      PROBLEM 4: They now want me to input the number on the scratch card which was supplied with the cameras.....they went into the bin after the conversation on the 30th where SONY agreed to sort the registration.
      Asked to speak to a manager to try and resolve.
      PROBLEM 5: Manager may get back to me in two days! I'm not holding my breath.
      God knows what will happen to try and get the gear serviced if/when there is a problem. Has anyone else suffered the same problems?
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