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Ghost-Pictures with self-timer / Self-Timer not working at manual mode?

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Hello community,

I am new to this forum - and new to photography.

I have the alpha 6000 with the standrad objective mounted right now and want to make some photos using the self-timer in manual mode. I want something with about 8 seconds aperture time.

Thus, I switch the camera to manual mode (M) and clik on the left of the wheel. Unfortunately, a massage shows up, that this function is not available rigt now.


If I anyway mount the cam on a stativ and press the trigger, the cam takes altogether 4 (?) pictures (looong breack (severeal seconds in between)), that are processed afterwards.

HDR is not activated (if I understand this correctly).

So, what happend is: I triggered the photo and moved into the scene. At the photo later, i was visible as a "ghost" - so a bit transparent.

I did not expected this and initialy did not want this, but I really like the effect - and want to reproduce it now... But as I am totally confused, I dont really know how I did this, and how I can reproduce it.

Maybe it is even possible to have several "ghosts-mes" in the picture. (I.e. me in different positions?) How would I do this?


I am  not sure, but maybe the effect came, because i have 8 seconds apperture and moved during this time in the picture? Or did it happen becuase I do have some HDR stuff active (although I dont think so) and I moved in the scene between two of those HDR frames?


Sorry, I am really a bit confused and dont have much time to get this ready. I hope someone can give me a hint?

The first thing to know is maybe, why I cant activate the self-timer...


All the best



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i'm an a6000 user too 


as far as i know, in manual mode (M) you can do everything, but for message when click left wheel "this function is not available right now" i suspect the camera still busy write to memory card (usually after multiple shoot) yes, it really need a very fast memory card 



just to be sure, have you customize some of the button??


in HDR mode or "bracketing" a6000 don't have self timer, if i'm not wrong that's what is the problem?


if you want (exposure) bracketing for later HDR processing, you can try remote cable release


hope can solve the problem

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Thanks for trying to help!

However, it still does not work...

I am getting the attached message, when in manual mode and clicking the left wheel.

I searched all options. I am sure, that hdr is off and only single shot is selected.

What am I missing? And where can I find that option?

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To get multiple ghosts of the same person or object

during a long exposure, a non-coupled flash would be

a solution, but would require using an assistant if the

author of the photo is also the subject. So, practice

this as a non-selfie experiment to get the procedure

smoothed out. Establishing a flash-lit multi-ghosting

procedure whilst the author is also the subject would

probably drive an assistant crazy ... unless acoarst

you can recruit an assistant that already knows how

to execute such procedure.


You can prolly find the procedure online ... youtube ?

Your questions concerning the effect suggest that you

should read up on photo basics and "advanced basics".

Otherwise you will find yourself unable to creatively

explore or expand such a procedure. Obeying youtube

instructions may yield results, but won't necessarily

lead to understanding the principle you are using.



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