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New camera and maybe another new camera?

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Hi guys, got our trip overseas coming up and my wife wanted a new camera. So we sold our huge Nikon and brought the A6000 and an extra len! Now i am also looking at a Gopro but not sure if it would be a waste of money and sit it the shed. I have seen the a6000 is great for video. So the gopro would only be used in the water or on a bike etc! Our local Target has the basic hero on special, but has a fixed battery and from what i see can only be charged from mains not a usb power source! I went to the shop where we purchased the sony from, the sales man said we need a pro 3 black or pro 4 silver. But thats way more $$s. So has any one ever used the basic? Or are we better to buy the 3 or 4? cheers


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