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Problem with Commlite adapter on different A7s


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I have a problem with my Commlite EF-NEX adapter. Yesterday I mounted a Canon 24-105 with it on two different Sony Alpha 7s. Bith cameras are running firmware version 2.0. On one Aperture, stabilizer, ... was working. On the other, I couldn't change the F-Stop and the camera told me that I should mount the lens properly. In the exifs of the pictures from the second camera, there's no metadata about the lens at all.

I thought the second camera might be broken, but with a speedbooster from metabones, mounting the lens was no problem at all and shooting with a sony lens as well.


Where could the problem be? Software issues?


Best Regards


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Quite often adapters must be initialized with camera and lens.

1) Turn on camera

2) Mount adapter

3) Turn camera off then back on

4) Mount lens


Same process is recommended for Metabones adapters to initialize the adapter.


I have a Commlite, Metabones III & IV, Fotodiox, King and a few dumb adapters.  Most adapters works quite well with Canon lenses and very well with the 24-105.  Metabones adapters, although expensive, are the most reliable.

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