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A straight answer to the Fotofiox Pro adapter

G Mac

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Hi all,


I've beens scouring for hours, sitting through countless useless videos, and I still can't find the right answer. 


I'm trying to find out whether the Fotodiox Adapter with canon 16-35 2.8 l is capable of continuous focus. In manual mode, I can select 'Continuous AF' under the 'Focus Mode' setting -  but unless I keep pressing down on the focus button (in my case I have the back button focus set up), it won't move focus. In movie mode, it is greyed out.







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Right. AF-C simply means continuous when activated

[by your chosen button] ... as oppose to single shot AF

where the focus action ceases the moment any focus

is achieved, despite continuous pressure on the button. 




OTOH a few hours ago I was messing with a Nex6 and  

in AF-C mode it would just keep on focusing, without

pressure on the button. I was doing a lotta messing with

control configs on 3 different Sonys at the time so I may

be a bit cloudy on which model acted that way, but I'm

pretty sure it was the Nex6. Also it was in "wide area"

AF mode, and perhaps that also governs the behavior

of the AF-C mode  ... like maybe in "Spot" AF it might

require finger pressure ? I didn't try everything, and if I

had tried everything, I'd be toadally confused by now !

The 3 different Sonys have very different controls.




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