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Zeiss ZE Lens, A7RII & Metabones IV

Anthony Lau

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After I upgraded to A7RII+Metabones IV (from from A7R+Metabones III), I noticed that the Infinity Mark on my Zeiss ZE lens (Distagon 15) is no longer working as intended.


The lens still has infinity focus, but it is no longer right on the mark.  I have to zoom in and micro adjust the focus in order to achieve infinity.


Does anyone experienced similar problem with A7RII+Metabones IV?

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Just speculating, but having any adapter on any camera surely puts the back focus of the camera out meaning that the lens registration marks are out. The lens adapters are changing where the real rear element of the lens should sit.


I'm sure if you put up a chart and measure distances between what is written on your lens and the actual distance of focus, you'll see that all your marks are out.


That's why you can't manually with lens zoom in, grab focus, pull out and take the shot. 



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