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Pentacon auto 2.8/135 MC on A7II

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I got this Pentacon auto 2.8/135 MC (M42) literally for $10 and came with a Praktica body and a Tessar 2.8/50 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR. It is in almost new condition cosmetically but the focus ring is very stiff and there is a little "play" between the mount and the aperture ring, I figure both problems are probably fixable. I bought a Novoflex M42 adapter for it. For a telephoto, it is very compact and it is built like a tank plus it has an integrated hood.


I walked around the neighbourhoods this weekend a took a few shots. I was really surprised by the results. Focus was a bit hard to do wide open because of the stiff focus ring and I didn't feel like using my tripod so I got a bit of softness but overall most shots were quite sharp. 


23576423515_784248857d_k.jpgSceptic Cat by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr


22949359533_2b41ad389f_k.jpgRailroad Sunset by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr




23550359366_d5d320d1bd_k.jpgLost Cart by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr


22948204954_42fb9a95a5_k.jpgStreet Art by Colin Surprenant, on Flickr




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