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Into The Dark // Nude Low Key with Samyang 85mm f1.4

DigitalMinds Photography

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Today i'm showing you a little strictly black and white nude series with Elisa from my latest work. For all the German readers of this site, feel free to check my blog entry as well.


Feel free to watch the complete series with Elisa on my Website ;-)

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Thanks for sharing your work with us here.  Technique-wise wonderful.  Subjectively, I would've like smoother skin on the model.  However, I am one person when it comes to imagery, I look for other added things such as composition and message too; what if any is the artist conveying to the viewer etc.


Thanks for the great feedback! Will try it the next time! Greetings from Austia!

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nice work


I would be happy to know your light setup

Thanks for your response and feedback! Of course u will get the light setup :-)


We had a crosslight setup:

Right behind the model we had a spot light to light up the hairs and the arm but not the body (strip)

On the left site a little we hade a stripbox (thats our key light). This light is for figure out the model, shows the face, body, breasts etc.

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