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First long exposure shot with the Sony A7R II, 16-35 and Lee Big Stopper


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Hi group


The subject says ist all - very happy to once again have Lee Filters. This shot was created this evening at the Lake of Unterägeri, Switzerland:


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Sony A7R II, 16-35/4 @16mm, f9, ISO 50, 121s exposure


Word of advice: If you're going to use the iOS app for bulb, make sure that the camera is set to capture RAW, too. This unfortunately is only a JPG, so I did have nowhere the same dynamic range reserves in post processing that I'm used to :-(

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still looks great though!  What I'd give for that sun!  I'm in English Lake District that has taken the brunt of storm Desmond.  More than 200mm of rain in less than 24 hours.  That's more than the area gets in a month...I have  flight to get to on Monday morning, and I can't get out of the village I have a place in...

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