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Hi all, after getting an A7R a month or two ago, I have now sold off the last of my Canon gear. I didn't keep any lenses, cos I'd already sold the best ones when I got a Fuji for day to day work, the older Sony has rubbish AF with EOS lenses, and I can't afford a mark 2 right now.


As usual, I went on a fanatic shopping spree for legacy glass, and now I have to take stock and start pruning the collection...I'm hoping that writing this will help me clarify my thoughts!


Here's where I'm at now...my only native lens is the 28 Sony f2, it's the only one I felt able to afford, and I did want one AF lens,to see how the system works.


On the wide end, I've just got a Canon FD 35/2.8 tilt-shift. It was my fave lens on film back in the 80s, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out on the Sony. So that's me sorted for the shorter end.


Normals - 50mm SMC Pentax 50/1.4 - has a bit of fungus, but it only adds to the character!

- 58/2 Helios 44M-4 (sticky aperture, need a service)

- 50/1.2 Canon FDn - not the L version, so lots of CA wide open, but better than the Pentax from f1.4


Short Tele - Nikkor pre-Ai 85/2 - great small, light lens

- Nikkor pre-Ai 105/2.5, second version - classic portrait lens

- Tamron SP 90/2.5 macro


Tele. - Cosinon 135/2.8 - better than I expected. There are lots of rubbish 135s, this seems pretty good.

- Nikkor Ai 200/4 - a cracker, but not a FL I actually use


So, having listed them I think the 200 and the 105 will go. Maybe the 85 too? I bought them mainly for nostalgic reasons...they're great lenses, but I'm now thinking the Sony will be mainly a studio camera, and the Tamron is more versatile.


Anyone with opinions or suggestions, feel free to chip in. I live in NZ, so it's not so easy to sell stuff on the bay cos of postage, but they're here if you want one!


Not much point selling the others - no real value there, I think...

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