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Bird photos with SEL70200G

Guest all8

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There are occasional topic on this subject, I think the lens is too short but never the less its possible to get a nice outcome.



Shot from distance around 4 meters, cropped image, A7ii at 200mm with f4 (IIRC)






I guess this one was at 10 meters, cropped again, same parameters as above:





Will put the higher res on 500px, but since these are already cropped quite a bit ... don't expect much.

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Sorry, there is much more fine detail in the originals. Hopefully the potential is clear. A 400mm or even 600mm would probably be a perfect focal length, there are even small telescopes which can be adapted for photography.

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Have to agree with what you have stated.

I at one time only had my 75/300 lens and so many times the bird shots I was after had the lens at a big disadvantage.

But take enough shots and download and then you find that you might have got 3 worth while shots.

And yes you planned to get them but you knew that this was pushing the lens way past what it should be doing.

So there are times when it works and I have had times when I got home and had to delete them all.

Nice lot of shots.

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