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Water ingress. a7R stopped working. UK recommendation?

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A disadvantage of having an adaptor fixed to ones' a7r, it does not like getting very wet.


So, anyone from the UK here and can recommend a service centre to maybe sort this out?


I have used one in Letchworth but after many weeks they got back to me, charging me £39.99 only to tell  me it needed a new shutter curtain (this I told them when I gave them the camera since one blade was hanging free) and sent it to Sony to be fixed = another £100+.




So, even though I am based in the N Lakes, can anyone recommend me a good service centre please?


Thanks in anticipation. 

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Guest Peter Kelly

I think the lack of replies says much of what goes to the heart of Sony's difficulty in selling more and achieving their aim of being number 1!


To be honest, although their communication is not the greatest, I'd contact Sony directly and send it to their Swansea repair facility. I've needed very little doing, but any repair has always been effective and reasonably quick.


I did come across a place in Birmingham (http://regionalrepaircentre.co.uk/), who claim to be the only other independent authorised repair facility, but they have mixed reviews online, although that seems to relate more to other general electrical items. Given that they don't appear to specialise I decided against using them, so can't comment on their efficiency or cost.

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