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Buying Cameras from Electronic Valley deals

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Greetings everyone.


I'm a newbie, I have been following SAR for almost a year. I currently shoot Nikon 3300 and Canon Film rangefinder(Canonet 17 giii). I'm joining design school next year. I haven't decided the stream so will be going for either film or Graphic design. Only camera that I'm considering right now is Sony A7rii, due to its amazing stills and 4K which I can use for my personal film projects.


I'll be buying this marvel sometime in April. I had considered purchasing the camera from Electronics Valley, I know it's Grey market product. It doesn't matter to me as I live in India and my brother is currently studying in USA. I have read lots of negative comments on recent article on SAR. So I want to know if there are anyone who got their camera from Electronics Valley and how was your experience. Because the 700$ saved means I can invest on a good glass, as I have no full frame glass.


Thank you.

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