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Sony Ar7 shutter dial


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Hello everyone :-) I am traveling in Thailand now, and my dial for shutter speed is acting up. It will go back and forth between speeds when dialing the shutter dial. For example if I am trying to increase my shutter speed to the shutter on the camera goes back and forth with shutter speeds, and often times has been going into a longer exposure when that is not the desired speed. Any and all help that can be provided is much appreciated. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have tried resetting my camera to factory settings, and am considering doing a camera firmware update to 2.0.

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Guest Peter Kelly

If this is the Mk1 then I suspect it is a known issue that has caused much of the criticism of the now removed claim of weather resistance.


Unfortunately, although fantastic in operation, the design of the dials in the Mk1 body style provides perfect channels for moisture and dirt to run down into the electronics.

I don't want to give bad news, but I suspect that the only 'long term' fix will be sending it back to Sony for repair. The diagnosis will likely be water ingress, so even an existing warranty won't cover it.


If it is an emergency, and you're prepared to take a slight risk, I've found that applying lens or electric contact cleaning fluid, a couple of drops at a time, to the dial where it joins the body, and then working it backwards and forwards can resolve the issue. The biggest trick is to judge how much to use and how far to go so as to not flood the area and contaminate other parts.


Another consideration (and why it's not a perfect idea) is that there may well be some lubrication within the system that might be removed, or spread.


It would be at your own risk, but I have had success doing this when I had no option (in the middle of a wedding so non-functioning dials can stop you dead!).

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