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New A7II User need help

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Hello everyone. I just got my A7ii. Looking for some help here. I'm coming from a 5Dmk3 and while I'm not trying to set it up the same way I would like to know about a few things.

A. Is there a way to see the shutter speed change while adjusting ISO on Aperture Priority?
On my canon if in A Priority as I thumb the ISO wheel I can see the speed change. I really would rather not use auto ISO to ensure I have the lowest possible ISO with the speed I want.

Is there a way to reassign one of the wheels other than the control wheel to use as ISO adjustment while the other controls F Stop or Speed depending on what mode I'm in (A Priority or S Priority)?

Thank you for your time.


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Guest Peter Kelly

Interesting one and I can see why you'd like the option, but I don't think it's possible.


I suspect that the thinking is that because exposure changes (and hence the shutter speed) depending upon infinitely varying light from moment to moment, that it won't necessarily be reportng the speed for the shot, if you see what I mean.

Sony probably regard it as a general setting for a given requirement in a certain ambient light and then you change the other factors which affect the look of the shot. Of course, this does sort of contradict the nature of auto ISO and the flexibility the high ISO ability has given photographers!


It's likely though, in their defence, that you are one of a rare breed who can juggle all your settings easily with your camera to your eye, whereas you'll see many people making ALL the changes while looking down at the camera.


I think it would be excellent and sensible (plenty think every control should be customisable to every option!), but I'm afraid you'll have to wait to see if they ever provide it in firmware or newer models.

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When dialing changes in ISO, you see the ISO setting

as you dial. Seems to me you wouldn't change ISO to

effect a new shutter speed unless you're dissatisfied

with the current shutter speed.


Given that you know how much change [and in which

direction] you'd like to alter shutter speed, then seeing

the ISO numbers change is all the visual info required

to improve shutter speed to where you want it to be. If

the numeric view appears too cluttered, try changing

the EV increments from 1/3 steps to 1/2 steps.


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