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A7ii V2.00 & potential firmware issues with Metabones Mk IV V0.46 ??


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I recently updated to V2.00 on the Sony A7ii, and was really happy that my Canon lenses now focussed well (50 STM, 100L, 200L, 24 IS), using PDAF and AFC.  I mainly use the A7ii for my Zeiss CY MF lenses that I have adapted to Canon mount.  It was refreshing to be able to switch over and use AF lenses using the new PDAF that came with the V2.00 update.  Here is where the rot sets in ....I thought it would be the right thing to update the Metabones Smart Adapter Mark IV firmware while I was at it, the latest release as at today is V0.46 .  After loading V0.46, it all went downhill, I thought I'd possibly done some damage, the focus now racks back and forth in PDAF....sometimes it locks but very intermittently.  Sometimes it gets into a groove and works fine, until I turn it off or change lenses.  I reloaded the Metabones V0.46 firmware just in case, but no improvement, back to Manual Focus glass for the mean time.  So I am hunting around the forums to try to see if it is possible to backdate my Metabones adapter to V0.43 or V0.44 which is what it was when all seemed good.  There's something about this that smacks of.. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it...."


I'm not even sure if you can load older firmware on the Metabones, but if you have the file could you please let me know.  I run a mac.  Its the Mark IV smart Adapter for EF-E.  It's not obvious on the Metabones site if its there, and I have emailed their support desk, but that might take some time.  Any help appreciated.  So if you have gone to V2.00 on the A7ii, great move !! PDAF works a treat with Canon lenses, but hold off on updating the Metabones firmware if what has happened to me is anything to go by.  


Any advice appreciated, esp. if you have an older disk image of the Metabones MarkIV firmware V0.44 sitting in your Downloads directory. It will be called MetabonesAppV1.8.dmg


I've also posted this on the Full Frame Cameras Forum, apologies for the cross talk, but its all inter-related.

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