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Problem using Sigma Art (Canon mount) with Metabones IV on A7 Mk II

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I upgraded my A7 Mark II yesterday to firmware 2.0.  Tested with Sony 85mm Batis and it worked perfectly.  Uncompressed RAW no problem downloading to Lightroom 6.


I also updated the firmware for the Metabones IV to version 0.46.  


Mounted Sigma 24mm f1.4 Art to Metabones IV smart adapter.  Attempted to use autofocus in many circumstances: inside and outside, high contrast and low contrast, AF-C and AF-S.  I could not achieve autofocus under any circumstances.  I switched to manual focus and achieved satisfactory images.


Then I switched lenses to a Canon 70-200 f4 L IS lens.  Autofocus was perfect and very fast.  In fact autofocus was as fast with the Metabones IV/Canon setup as native Sony lenses.


I have already notified Metabones of this issue.  So for the time being, no autofocus with Sigma Art just manual.  Hopefully they can fix this with a future Metabones firmware update.



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Hi...same problem here with sigma 24 and 35 w metabones iv. I found them to be incredibly unstable. Now they work fine...power off/on and it's not working anymore. As in not even moving the AF. I think they will update the firmware soon. What seems to bother me is that the fotodiox adapter is still working better at 1/4 the price...the only downside is... are the missing pdaf points. But it's incredible how an adapter with no possibility of firmware upgrade is still working ... and is better.

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I installed the Metabones IV firmware .47 this morning and just went outside to test it.  Good news and bad news.  The Sigma 24 Art is still not working in auto focus under any settings or circumstances.  I'm disappointed and may even sell the lens.  I have been looking at the Zeiss 25mm f2 Batis.  I already have the 85 Batis and have been very impressed.


But I also tested my Canon 70-200 f4 L IS.  Very fast autofocus in both AF-C and AF-S.  In previous versions AF-C would not work.  But it is spot on IQ.  Now I'm anxious to test on people to see if face recognition works.

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