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HELP: With A 99 Settings


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 just purchased the A99 with Zeiss 24-70 2.8 and its kind of confusing setting it up. I do mainly Portraits and weddings and need help with the usual settings for these . I would like a tutorial video if there are some available or forum members that can share their settings.  Thank you 

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Guest Peter Kelly

I really don't wish to sound insulting or rude, but your question is one that shouldn't really be asked.


You see, if you do shoot portraits and weddings then the settings should be no trouble at all, as the A99 is very similar in most respects to all other good cameras.

However, if you are hoping to cover weddings in the future and have bought an A99 with that lens to give you some capable equipment then you have nowhere near enough experience. Weddings are one of the hardest areas of photography!


If you just want to learn more about using your camera first, there are many videos available on Youtube, or you could buy Gary Friedman's book on the A99, which is excellent.

I would advise that you take this one step at a time and not to even think of trying to shoot a wedding until you know your equipment backwards.

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I have just read Peter Kelly's responce to this and know that he is right.

If you need to ask how to set this lens up you have no business in taking wedding photo's.

Maybe you should just start of with pets, as after reading this I would not hire you through your poor knowledge of what you are doing.

I don't mind being rude as I think you are being rude to people in the fact that they are thinking that they have hired a real photographer.

For me I have seen this so often, people go out buy a bid dSLR camera and think now they can start to do weddings.

Please tell me you don't have your camera set to AUTO as this is what I am thinking.

For me you are a total joke and Peter Kelly has put it right in his reply to you but was really nice about it.

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